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Hartley Hall is a Texas singer-songwriter who crafts music to enlighten the hearts of her audience. She inspires listeners to cherish the love they have, revel in memory, and to get up and dance. She also employs talented musicians who live for their art. Patronage is a lifeblood for her success in achieving her goal of bringing musicians and audiences to enjoy life as they know it. Becoming a Bona Fide VIP will provide you with unique access to her albums, merchandise, updates on her most current projects--music and art, and writings of her experiences.

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      Texas summer heat drove me to the sin-cleansing wa... Jul 12, 2016
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      Well Dorothy, we're back in Texas again! Highlands... Apr 25, 2016
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      Highland Tour's first weekend took off like a bott... 1 comment · Mar 29, 2016
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Hartley Hall
Austin, Texas
Texas native songwriter Hartley Hall composes songs about love, heartache, and the nightlife between. Her unique vocal delivery and clever lyricism together charm the hearts of even the roughest outlaws.

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